Overview of versions

  • The main difference between the versions is the number of exercises. However, there are other important differences, which you can read off the table
Versions Lite Basic Premium
Number of exercises 2 6 15
Easy mode No Yes Yes
Statistics Minimal Enhanced Detailed
Settings No Some All of them
Comparative Data No Existent Existent
  • Hinweis: Sie finden die aktuellen Preise hier

Number of exercises

  • Lite & basic version you can use 2 or 6 exercises out all exercises of your choice
  • The premium version, there’s all the exercises

Easy mode

  • The special easy mode is available for all versions, only not in the Lite version.


  • To evaluate the progress made, there are per version, different evaluation options


  • To adapt the software to your needs, there are different setting options depending on the version

Comparative Data

  • To see how you compare with healthy people, you can see the comparison data in the statistics.
  • This option is not available in the Lite version