Dot Training

A fast and popular eye training with an easy handling.

  • For this exercise you must be logged in (Instruction) and you must be on the home page.

  • Note: For this exercise, you may need to scroll down slightly with the mouse

1. Open the exercise by clicking on the corresponding box

Schritt 1

2. Select the display time and point size

Change these options if you have difficulty seeing the point (too fast or too small)

  • Display time: Defines in seconds how long a point should be displayed in (Normal = 1 second)

  • Point size: Defines how large the points are to be displayed

Schritt 2

3. Click on ‘Start’

Schritt 3

3. a) Easy mode option

Activate the Easy mode if you do not want to search for the point exploratively but want to provoke saccadic eye movements. A mixture between explorative and saccadic eye movements is recommended. If you have any questions, consult a specialist or contact us:

Schritt 3a

4. Click on ‘Start’

This picture shows the normal exercise without Easy mode.

Schritt 4

5. Press the spacebar when you see a dot

  • After 10 rounds you automatically proceed to the next category. Change the number of passes in the Settings <>

  • Attention: Move your eyes only, not your head

  • Note: If you want to end the exercise prematurely, press the ESC key

Schritt 5

6. Click ‘Save and quit’ or ‘Start’

If you want to finish the exercise, click ‘Save and quit’, otherwise click ‘Start’.

Schritt 6

7. Click on ‘Continue training’

After the exercise, a statistic appears in which you can analyze the exercise you have just performed. For more detailed evaluations, click on ‘Statistics’.

Schritt 7