Eye Tracking

If you have problems using your PC or mouse, there is now a simple solution: Eye tracking.

  • Important: This option is only available in the premium version

How does eye tracking work?

Simply put, you control the mouse with your eyes. For this you need a small additional device, which calculates your eye movements via infrared and so the mouse can be controlled.

Wie funktioniert das Eyetracking

What is required for eye tracking?

  • Eyetracker: e.g. the EyeX from TOBII
  • IRSI Software: This software is needed to control the mouse: http://iris.xcessity.at
  • Saccadic training Premium Version

How much does eye tracking cost?

The price depends on the desired eyetracker.

A cost example with the EyeX from TOBI:

Device Price Status
EyeX 99€ 22.8.17
Iris Software 39€ 22.8.17
Saccadic training Premium Version 123€ 22.8.17

Which exercises supported eye tracking?

  • Specific training
  • General training
  • Trainsimulator
  • Words training
  • Q-Search
  • Compare images
  • Image-Search 1
  • Image-Search 2
  • Dot Training
  • Tunnel Exercise
  • Coingame
  • Breakout