Image-Search 2

This exercise, which is close to everyday life, specifically trains large saccadic eye movements.

  • For this exercise you must be logged in (Instruction) and you must be on the home page.

  • Note: For this exercise, you may need to scroll down slightly with the mouse

1. Open the exercise by clicking on the corresponding box

Schritt 1

2. Select level and category

  • Level: Changes the difficulty of the exercise: image size, number of images

  • Category: Modifies the wallpaper and the object to search: flowers, balls, cars, fish, airplanes, leaves, farm, birds, tools, bugs, coins

Schritt 2

3. Change the settings under ‘Further options’

Schritt 3

4. Change the settings

  • Here you can define where the letter is to move (jump position) and where it is to jump (end position).

  • At the end, click ‘Save changes’

Schritt 4

5. Click on ‘Start’

Schritt 5

6. Click on ‘Continue training’

Schritt 6

7. Follow the letters with your eyes

  • After 10 rounds you automatically proceed to the next category. Change the number of passes in the Settings

  • Attention: Move your eyes only, not your head

  • Note: If you want to end the exercise prematurely, press the ESC key

Schritt 7

8. Recognise how the letter is rotated

  • As soon as the rotating letter reaches the jump position, it jumps to the end position

  • Try to make that last leap with your eyes

  • Look exactly how the letter is rotated in the end position, in this example downwards

Schritt 8

9. Answer the following question

  • If the question is answered correctly, a ‘normal’ sound will be heard

  • If the question is answered incorrectly, the sound is ‘dull’

Schritt 9

10. Click ‘Save and quit’ or ‘Start’

If you want to finish the exercise, click ‘Save and quit’, otherwise click ‘Start’.

Schritt 10

11. Click on ‘Continue training’

Nach der Übung erscheint eine Statistik, in welcher Sie die soeben durchgeführte Übung analysieren können. Um genauere Auswertungen zu erhalten, klicken Sie auf ‘Statistik’.

Schritt 11