Medical Product

What does that mean?

  • This product is approved as certified medical product according to current legislation.

  • The software is designed to therapeutically treat limitations that affect the visual field. The loss of visual field is to be compensated by the increased use of saccades.

  • The product was developed on the basis of interviews with patients and health care professionals (physicians, neuropsychologists, orthoptists and occupational therapists).

  • On the basis of these interviews, it was precisely defined which requirements the product must meet.

  • Then the product was developed according to a predefined software development plan.

  • In addition, the software was tested for various risks: Every person can use the software without hesitation as long as they do not have an acute eye disease (e.g. inflammation) or suffer from photosensitive evocative epilepsy

  • Risks and the entire product are regularly checked for errors according to a predefined test scenario.

  • The product has been clinically evaluated: It was found that it is a comparable product in the field of compensatory eye training and it is not necessary to investigate the product with an own study as it is based on a well studied principle.

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