Register free of charge and without obligation for a 14 day trial version of the saccadic training. You do not need a credit card, just your email address. After registration you have complete access to all exercises and your statistical data.

1. Open and click Registration / Login

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2. Fill in the form and click on ‘Register’

Mandatory fields: Email address and password.

  • Note: Your data is encrypted and securely stored on servers in Switzerland. Reading and accepting the Terms of Use is mandatory.

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3. Activate acount

You have now received an email. To use the eye training, read and follow the instructions in the email. Tip: Also look in the spam folder and enter an existing email.

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4. Perform configuration

You should now see the following confirmation. Click on ‘Next’. If you do not see them, contact the administrator:

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5. Which area do you want to train?

Indicate where you’re having trouble. If you don’t know this, ask a specialist. The option Other trains all areas.

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6. Complete your profile

Here you can enter further information about yourself, which will be stored securely and encrypted and will be treated confidentially.

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7. Read the instructions

Read the training instructions carefully! If you are unsure, ask a specialist or contact us:

  • Note: The distance to the screen depends on the size of the screen. The minimum size is 15” inch.

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8. Start training

Now choose one of the following exercises and start your training

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9. Possible error messages