Settings: Changing General Settings

The general settings include settings such as the language. Do you have a question about the settings?

  • To follow these instructions, you must be on the home page.

1. Click on ‘Settings’ above

Schritt 1

2. Adjust display

  • Note: Click the ‘Save changes’ button below to save the data

Schritt 2

You can change the following settings:

  • Difficulty level: This option changes all level settings for the exercises. Select ‘Very simple’ if you are more affected. If you have already made good progress, you can choose a higher difficulty level.

  • Sprache: Ändern Sie hier die Sprache.

  • Number of passes: Defines how often you have to search for an object (e.g. for image search 1).

  • Maximum time per task: A time limit can be defined for some exercises. If no object is found during this time, a new task appears automatically

  • Mouse mode: If an object is to be detected with a click or only by moving over it (default: moving over it)

  • Fixation control: This option improves the visual search with additional stimuli, but also makes it more demanding and therefore perhaps more difficult

  • Sound: Disables most sounds and noises of the software. Additionally, you can only suppress error tones, so that the user is not demotivated in case of many errors