Statistical evaluation

You have several ways to track your progress. On the one hand, you will receive direct feedback on your performance immediately after an exercise. On the other hand, there is a separate page ‘Statistics’, where you can see various evaluations.

Evaluation after training

You must end each workout using the ‘Save and quit’ button so that your data is saved:

Schritt 1

Now you should see the following window:


  • You may not yet see the course of the reaction time (graphic), as you have not practiced enough

Schritt 2

To see exactly what response times you had for each object, click on the image with the sky and lake to open a detailed view:

Schritt 3
  • The dots indicate where you found the object and how long it took (in seconds) to find it

  • Red dots indicate that you did not find the object or that the object was faulty

‘Statistics’ page

  • To follow these instructions, you must be on the home page.

1. Click on ‘Statistics’ above

Schritt 1

2. See your response time

In this statistic you can see how your reaction time develops. The data is cumulated per week and is displayed per exercise. Some exercises offer additional filters.

  • The dots show you how quickly you have found an object. The bigger the blue point, the more objects you have found in this time

  • The red line corresponds to the trend line, which roughly shows how your reaction time develops

Schritt 2

3. Choose an Exercise

To see the statistics for a specific exercise, choose the exercise you want:

Schritt 3

4. Change the view by date

To display the statistics per day or per week, select them as shown here:

Schritt 3

5. Select a specific date range

To display a specific date range, move the sliders to the left or right below the graphic

Schritt 3
Schritt 3

6. Analyze more details for a point

To see exactly which trainings you have done and when, you can click on a respective black point to display further details.