Statistics: Details

Here you will find some basic information about your account and your previous trainings!

  • To follow these instructions, you must be on the home page.

1. Click on ‘Statistics’ above

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2. Click on ‘Details’

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3. View your details

You will find the following information here:

  • Username: The username (email) you registered with
  • Version: Your active version More information about the versions
  • Registration: When you registered
  • Time since registration: How many days have passed since your registration
  • Number of visits: How often you have visited the site
  • Average reaction time: Your average reaction time (All exercises)
  • Objects found: How many objects you have found (All exercises)
  • Configuration test(s): How many tests you have done
  • Area to train: Which area you want to train
  • Paid for on: If you bought the software, you can see here when
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