All current updates of the saccadic training at a glance

All current updates of the saccadic training at a glance

Version 2.0.2

New eye tracking function
  • Control the eye training directly with your eyes.
  • Without additional hardware, just with your webcam.
  • Get detailed heatmaps of your eye movements.
  • Explanatory video on eye tracking:

Version 2.0.1

  • New Standard 25 passes for new registrations.
  • The centring window has been removed to allow for a more fluid and therefore more intense and efficient workout.

Version 2.0

More modern user interface
  • The user interface was modernised in over 100 hours of work. I hope you like it as much as I do! Thank you very much for your support!
  • New logo: Thanks for the new logo go to my wife Anne Lutz (
  • Improved train simulator
  • More options for image search 2
  • New business cards: Order now free of charge: Order business cards
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Version 1.1.2

Automated level recommendation
  • Based on your training data, we recommend you to go one level further or back.
  • The following factors are taken into account: Reaction time, error rate and number of practice rounds.
  • Once all values are within the range of the comparison group,
    it is recommended to go one level further.
  • If you are slower or make many mistakes compared to the peer group,
    we recommend that you choose an easier level.
  • The comparison group consists of many users of this software.
  • You can choose any level at any time; we only make a recommendation.
  • This new feature is currently still in BETA
    stage and may provide inaccurate or wrong recommendations.

Version 1.1.1

  • New loading screen
  • New login via Facebook
  • New blog with interesting articles:

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    Version 1.1.

    Seven new languages:

    • Danish
    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • Japanese

    Version 1.0.9

    • More modern user interface
    • Faster loading time
    • Improved display for mobile devices

    Version 1.0.8

    • You can now learn more about eye training with the help of videos and adapt it to your needs more easily than ever before!

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    Version 1.0.7

    Version 1.0.6

    • Improved display of the traffic lights of the car simulator

    Version 1.0.5

    • Improved representation of the user interface

    Version 1.0.4

    • Improved display of emails
    • Over 300+ code improvements

    Version 1.0.3

    Change exercise parameters more easily

    • Change settings of an exercise such as levels or categories directly in the exercise:

    Version 1.0.2

    Improved carsimulator

    • The update should make the exercises more reliable and faster.
    • No changes should be visible on the surface. "Only" the code was improved.
    • Tested for Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Safari and Edge.

    Version 1.0.1

    Certified medical product
    The saccadic training has been a medical product since July 2020. Unfortunately only six of the original 15 exercises could be certified. If you want to use all 15 exercises, you can use the new app Oculy:

    What does that mean?

    • This product is approved as a certified medical device according to current legislation.
    • The software is used for the therapy of impairments affecting the visual field. The loss of the visual field is to be compensated for by the increased use of saccades.
    • The product was developed based on interviews with patients and health professionals (doctors, neuropsychologists, orthoptists and occupational therapists).
    • Based on these interviews, it was precisely defined what requirements the product must fulfil.
    • Then the product was developed according to a predefined software development plan.
    • In addition, the software has been tested for various risks: Every person can use the software without hesitation as long as they do not have an acute eye disease (e.g. inflammation) or suffer from photosensitive evoked epilepsy.
    • Risks and the entire product are regularly checked for errors according to a predefined test scenario.
    • The product was clinically evaluated: It was found that it is a comparable product in the field of compensatory eye training and that it is not necessary to investigate the product with a separate study, as it is based on a well-studied principle.