Specific training

Specific training


'Specific training' is a simple but effective exercise for people with a visual field failure after stroke. The exercise consists of finding a certain number on the screen. This number is displayed on the affected side (e. g. right) among many other numbers. Since the numbers all look relatively similar, it is not so easy to find the number you are looking for and so your eyes have to search the screen. This exploration exercises your eyes and as the stimulus is always on the affected side, your eyes always move in this direction.
In studies it has been shown that people with a hemianopsy have found these stimuli more quickly after 6-8 weeks of training and are also safer in everyday life. From my experience as an occupational therapist, the training success also depends on the training intensity. The more you train per day, the better. Of course, you should listen to your body and take a break if you get tired or your eyes are reddened.


  1. Sit in a distance of 30cm (12 inches) centered in front of the screen.
  2. Enlarge your browser window if necessary, so that it fills the whole screen.
  3. Fix your head (e.g. with one hand),so it will not move.
  4. Many numbers will appear on the screen. |impaired_side| you have to find every number |user_symbol| on the screen and go over it with the mouse.
  5. Search the screen with your eyes only, your head does not move.
  6. Work out 2 times a day, each 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
    To test this exercise extensively, you can register for a 14 -day trial version of the saccadic training here free of charge and without obligation:

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