Therapy after hemianopsia

A scientifically studied and successful method of therapy is the exploratory saccadic training, in which the patient trains his eyes in the direction of the blind side and thus uses his dormant eye muscle potential. How often do you move your eyes in your everyday life? Mostly the head takes care of things that are not directly in the field of view and turns. The eyes are rarely moved to the extreme.

Scientific perspective

«Significant behavioral improvements»

[...] we would like to argue that compensatory approaches have come further towards the aim of establishing their clinical efficacy than either the VRT approaches or the use of optical aids. In the case of compensatory approaches several studies found significant behavioral improvements following the training.
Lane et al. (2008)

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«Improvement through targeted training»

It is not possible to cure or improve the facial loss. However, the effects on everyday life can be improved by targeted training.
Fr. Reckert (dipl. Orthoptistin)
Reckert I (2014) Was kann man für Hemianopsie-Patienten in der Praxis tun? Z. prakt. Augenheilkd. 35: 323–32
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What do customers say?

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  • «No more problems with my daily activities»

    «Thanks to the saccadic training I have been able to resume my life as before: Driving, running, sailing and working are possible again and I have no problems with my daily activities.»
    Mrs. Schneeberger
  • «Newly gained mobility»

    «A stroke with a visual impairment severely restricted my mobility. After two months of visual training, I was able to regain my previous mobility»
    Mr. Castella

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